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电子游艺澳门娱乐场:Sino-European Value Discovery Wins Five-Year Hybrid Fund Golden Bull Award

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内容摘要: The results of the fifteenth China Fund Industry Bullion Awards announced recently that the China-EU value discovery hybrid fund jointly ma...

The results of the fifteenth China Fund Industry Bullion Awards announced recently that the China-EU value discovery hybrid fund jointly managed by the star fund manager, "Value One Brother Cao Mingchang," and Lan Xiaokang, won outstanding performance in a long-term and stable performance. "Five-year open-end hybrid fund continues to win the Taurus Fund" award. And a week ago, the fund also won the "Three-Year Continuous Return Positive Mixed Type Star Fund" award of the 13th China Fund Industry Star Fund Award.

Galaxy Securities data show that as of March 23, 2018, since the establishment of China-Europe Values ??Discovery Hybrid A in July 2009, the total return rate has reached 170.7%, the average annualized rate of return is 12.16%, and the long-distance running capability is amazing. In the recent 3 years, the fund's yield reached 43.38%, ranking in the top 10% of the performance of similar funds; during the same period, the average return of the hybrid fund was 7.63%, and the index of the Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 rose by -1.68%. The excess return is obvious.

It is worth mentioning that Sino-European Value Discovery had previously won the Golden Bull Award three times and was awarded five-star rating by an authoritative rating agency in the industry. As of the end of January 2018, the performance of China-EU value-added hybrid A was ranked in the top quartile of the same category in the past one, two, three and five years. And won the Golden Bull Fund Award three times in 2012, 2014 and 2016.

According to statistics, Cao Mingchang joined the fund of the European Union in June 2015 and is currently the head of the strategy group and fund manager. His resume is extraordinary. He started his career as a fund manager in 2006 and has rich experience in investment research. Cao Mingchang is a well-known value investor and is known for his expertise in value investing. He is known as the "value investing first brother." He focuses on dynamic equilibrium and safety margins, and advocates buying at a reasonable price value companies that have strong profitability and good performance.

For the market outlook, Mr. Cao said that he is optimistic about the value of blue-chip growth and underestimation of blue-chip. From the macroeconomic point of view, although the short-term economy has a certain degree of downward pressure, the endogenous economic resilience is very sufficient. Judging from the overall market valuation, the current valuation is still in a historically low position. Taking into account the economic growth in 2018, there is currently no significant downside risk for the market. Investors can focus on the potential of valuations that are reasonable and will maintain the potential for higher performance growth in the future.





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